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Posted on4 Months ago

Section 2 (1) sentence 1 no.8:

"For the establishments, facilities and offers regulated in Part 2, the obligation to maintain presence documentation with information on contact tracking of the guests applies;"

Section 2 (2):

"The attendance documentation according to paragraph 1 sentence 1 number 8 must contain at least the following information: first and last name, full address and telephone number, as well as attendance time and duration and, if applicable, place or table number. The attendance documentation according to sentence 1 is for a period of four weeks after the end of the event or the use of a service, to protect or store it against inspection by third parties and to hand it over to the competent authority upon request, if it is determined that a person is suspect or suspect of being infected at the time of the event, visiting or using the service within the meaning of At the end of the retention period, the presence documentation must be deleted or destroyed. "

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